"The Danube - Classroom on the river"

"The Danube - Classroom on the river" is a unique pedagogical innovation in our country and among the first of those in Europe.

The goal of the project is to get to know the homeland through ambiental and interactive learning, to raise the level of awareness and knowledge about the importance of the Danube River and its tributaries, as the greatest natural wealth of Serbia. The project contributes to the development of environmental awareness, understanding and application of what has been learned, as well as dispelling the fear of the river.

Achieving the goals of the program is to be done by an integrative approach of several teaching units into a single teaching program, applying one of the most important pedagogical principles - the principle of obviousness.

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* Arrival at the Sava pier, Nova skola pier. Boarding the "Classroom on the Water" - Zlatno Srce boat (Golden Heart) and participating in the implementation of the ambient teaching program led by our classroom teacher.
* Departure and sightseeing of Belgrade from the rivers for the duration of four school hours: the pier, Belgrade Donji grad with the Nebojša tower, the Kalemegan fortress, the confluence of the Sava and the Danube, the Veliko ratno island (Great War Island), Zemun, Sibinjanin Janka tower, return to Ušće, Friendship Park, Museum of Contemporary Art , the bridges of Belgrade and return to the Sava Pier.
* During the cruise, children actively participate in lessons through games, songs, knowledge quizzes and so on Docking and disembarking.

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Program includes:

– a learning day in setting of the Zlatno srce boat with all the necessary equipment for teaching for up to 4 school hours ("Danube - classroom on the water" workbook, large drawing blocks for group work, crayons)

– snack on the boat.

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About company

Name: Nova škola plus
Licence OTP 13/2019
Address: Gospodar Jovanova 22
11000 Belgrade, Serbia


Monday to Friday from 9 to 16h
Phones: +381 69 8413-781
+381 69 8413-709, +381 69 8413-730
Email: zlatnosrcebrod@gmail.com

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